Having a Cyber Security Audit is vitally important to preventing breaches in your network. Because of the inevitability of an attack, having a well maintained cybersecurity system is critical. Cyber threats can pose a very real risk to your whole organisation, whether you’re a small internet business or a large company with an extensive network.

A regular cyber Security Audit will help to provide your company with the necessary protection it needs to avoid down time, theft of your vital information or assets. It will show up any weaknesses or areas of risk in your existing cyber security protection and give a detailed report on what is required to cover your whole system.

Before you have your regular cyber security audit, it is recommended that you are well prepared to save time, reduce costs and be done more efficiently

Some Things to do before a Cyber Security Audit

  • Create a Diagram of your Business’s Network Assets

When you can present the auditors with a plan showing your overall network structure, it helps to streamline the operation. The plan should show all the network assets and how they’re connected together, along with all the existing cyber security protective measure you’re using. This can save a lot of time and therefore costs, as it allows your cyber security audit team to modify their frame work to match your network structure

  • Arrange a meeting with all those who use your Network

Your cyber security audit team will need to meet with and discuss your cybersecurity architecture and policies all personnel who use or operate within your network. They need to have access to any devices used with your network such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and other associated network applications such as cloud based storage.

They also need to establish just what your team members know or feel about cyber security and how they go about implementing different company policies and procedures regarding:

  • Passwords and their rules for creating and securing them
  • Access controls such as dual access
  • The different user account restrictions and how your company defines user roles and accesses to different areas of the system
  • The use of personal devices at work
  • Internet use policies at work, in work time or home
  • Your company’s incidence response plan for different types of cyber space issues and incidences

Determine just what you wish to Achieve with Your Cyber Security Audit and its Scope regarding your Network

When you have a firm idea just what you require a cyber security audit to accomplish, you will be better able to ask for a quote. You’re MSSPs or managed security provider will also be able to provide a more accurate quote.

During a Cyber Security Audit

Ask your cyber security audit team to bring any surprise issues found to your attention as they are discovered. This will not only stop any major surprises after the audit is finished, but you can begin to take steps to minimise any possible risk from them.

It is essential that you take any alerts or suggestions of areas where you are at risk seriously and implement the appropriate risk reduction measures.

Cyber security issues can come from many different areas and can have a devastating effect on your business. This could be in the form or holding your network to ransom with a virus or malware and demanding a payment to restore your system. It can also result in theft of information or details of your or customer’s accounts. Many businesses will never recover from a cyber attack.


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