Remote Hands on the Gold Coast, Australia

Need a remote pair of hands for an on-site IT job located on the Gold Coast, Australia?

When one of your Gold Coast based customer’s needs on-site IT support services, the Netlogyx team are available any time of day or night to be your local pair of hands.

Our team members are qualified and experienced IT professionals with wide ranging experience from servers to desktop computers, network administration and internet connectivity.

We’ve been serving businesses on the Gold Coast, Australia, since 2001 and are backed year of experience and local knowledge

Our rates are $150-$200 per hour subject to the skill level of your job and the team member required. You’re welcome to use our services as and when you need them.

Find out more About Us

Contact Us to discuss Netlogyx remote hands service. We’re available when you need hands on assistance in the Gold Coast area.

If your current enquiry is urgent, we’re available 24*7. Here’s how to contact us.

  1. Ring 07 55 20 12 11 or +61 7 55201211 if you are outside Australia
  2. Wait until the automated service takes a message
  3. Stay on the phone and one of our staff will talk with you any time of the day.


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